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Surviving The Driving

Traffic Survival School In Phoenix

Arizona Traffic Survival School Program

  • The Traffic Survival School program is designed to modify the behavior of drivers who are subject to having their license suspended for serious driving infractions. About 75 of these schools around the state are licensed by MVD and have certified instructors to teach a curriculum approved by MVD. The schools teach drivers how to avoid adverse traffic situations, define their responsibilities while driving, strengthen their knowledge of motor vehicle laws, and, most importantly, improve their attitude toward safe driving. A list of currently authorized traffic survival schools can be found online at, click on Driver Services, then on Traffic Survival Schools.

    • Traffic Survival School, not to be confused with Defensive Driving School is a class which is mandatory for driver's receiving certain types of violations and driver's who accumulate 8 or more points on their Arizona Driving Record. It is administered through the Arizona Supreme Court. It is designed to reach individuals who have exhibited a disregard for traffic laws and the safety of others. Arizona Traffic Schools train and assist errant drivers in the proper attitude and techniques in the operation of motor vehicles and strengthen their knowledge of state motor vehicle laws. As a result of poor driving behavior, courts frequently order juveniles to attend the course in order to help establish a lifetime of safe driving habits. Additionally, courts may refer traffic violators to a Arizona Certified Traffic Survival School as a condition of sentencing.

      There are several circumstances that will cause MVD to order a driver to attend a mandatory TSS Class: MVD may suspend or revoke your driving privilege or require you to attend and successfully complete an approved Traffic Survival School (TSS) if you:
    • • Have been convicted of running a red light (or flashing red light.) TSS is mandatory in addition to paying all court fines/fees.

      • Have been convicted of frequent serious offenses that show disrespect for traffic laws and a disregard for the safety of others.

      • Have been convicted of reckless driving or are a repeat reckless or negligent driver.

      • Have committed or permitted an unlawful or fraudulent use of your driver license.

      • Have been convicted of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or toxic vapors.

      • Have been arrested for refusal to take or successfully complete a chemical test (alcohol/drug content).

      • Have an unresolved judgment from another state.

      • Have committed an offense for which mandatory revocation of the driving privilege is required upon conviction.

      • Are under 21 and have been convicted of receiving, consuming or possessing alcohol.

      • Are under 21 and have been convicted of any illegal drug violation.

      • Are medically unsafe to drive a motor vehicle.

      • Have been convicted as a driver in an accident, resulting in death or personal injury or serious property damage.

      • Have been convicted of violating a driver license restriction.

      • Have failed to comply with a certified Ignition Interlock Device order.

      • Are under 18 and have been convicted of your first moving civil traffic violation or certain criminal traffic offenses.

     About The Class:
    Traffic Survival School is controlled by Arizona Department of Motor Vehicle, which mandates not only the amount of time spent in class, but also the curriculum to be taught. Instructors must be MVD certified.

    It is a mandatory 8 hour instuctional class which teaches serious violaters how to modify the behaviors behind the wheel which lead to traffic violations and collisions! The class is divided into modules that address each of the typical violation and collision causing behaviors!


    Phone: 623-845-6281
    Address: 217 W. Osborn Rd. Phoenix, Arizona